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Gifted Education

Gifted students have the ability to easily and quickly process and retain new information. They can demonstrate flexible thinking, high creativity, and high sensitivity to criticism from others. Often, students with giftedness require learning experience beyond the curriculum taught in a regular school program.

Identifying students or learners

who are Gifted

We have many students who enroll in our individualized enrichment programs. Often gifted students need to be challenged with more difficult and/or advanced material because the level of instruction they encounter in the regular school classroom is too slow-paced for them. Consequently, they become bored and frustrated.

We build a custom-tailored learning plan that is actually challenging and rewarding for them, based on their actual ability level.

 SPECIAL   Education

Identifying students or learners

with special needs

Our students are first assessed and then assigned to small learning groups averaging six or fewer students, for a focus on succeeding in core subjects. Students are taught by caring, qualified, trained, and experienced teachers, who work as a team to support students and integrate their learning between subjects. 

Individual needs

 At Prem Tutoring, we use a standard-based assessment to determine gaps in learning. We then use the Data from the assessment to figure out how to customize the tutoring experience for each individual child, because tutoring is personal and should always be personalized.

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